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our style

Natural, organic and layered with romance. 

By using a balance of  texture and color, utilizing blooms in their natural form, bringing nature back into the picture, we create an environment where your guests are drawn into the flowers.

It is my intent to capture the uniqueness of you as a couple, your personalities and your love with every wedding. I thrive on custom design and selecting special components to highlight you!

                            When you work with me, I take you on a journey. A journey through design. A journey through color.                                                                                 A journey through beauty.

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This is a common question we receive from brides. Every wedding is unique in its needs. There are many factors present that determine the cost of your wedding; type of installs, flower selection, size of bridal party, number of tables, room flip, tear down, etc. Please contact us here and complete the form to begin working on the details and custom quote for your wedding! 


We have a minimum spend of $2000 before fees and delivery. We have limited space for the number of weddings we can except. For couples who do not meet our minimum and who only need a few flowers for their special day, our Designed by Nature option might be a perfect fit for you. Designed by Nature is for couples wanting high quality blooms and designs that fit a tighter budget.


Floral Budget

First, as a couple, you need to decide how important fresh flowers are for your wedding day. Some couples may not care much for florals and others may want lush flowers and foliage. Most weddings magazines and blogs suggest that you should allocate a floral budget of 10-15% of your overall wedding budget. If you are looking for Pinterest worthy, lush, fine-art inspired designs you may want to consider a larger budget of 20-30%. Most of our couples spend between $3,000- and $8,000 but some spend less and some more!

Diy Florals

Our policy is that if you hire us as your wedding florist we will supply all the fresh floral arrangements for your event. This is to ensure a high quality product and consistency in design for all aspects of your event flowers. You will want all of your flowers looking their best for your big day!